It has been said that we cannot bring people closer to Jesus than we are ourselves. Therefore, a church's evangelistic success will be in direct proportion to the spirituality of its members. In other words, we believe that churches must grow from the inside out. Evangelism at its core is the moving of the Holy Spirit on the hearts and minds of people while the gospel is being shared.

Revival, then, is one of the most important components of the evangelism cycle—it sets the tone and climate for the entire church and, to a large extent, determines its evangelistic success. Inasmuch as prayer is the breath of the soul and the Word of God is our spiritual nourishment, the purpose of the Revival Month is to provide an environment that will facilitate and enhance the moving of the Holy Spirit upon the hearts of the membership by fostering an atmosphere of spiritual renewal within the homes of members and the church.

To accomplish this goal, the Revival month will not only encourage members to have a devotional life, it will actually teach them how this can be accomplished in their personal, family life, and in their church life.

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