The primary goal of the Assessment Module is to help the church obtain an objective perspective of its overall evangelism readiness, visitor receptiveness, and ministry effectiveness.

In some ways, the assessment is like a mirror into which the church can look to see its reflection. Every church, no matter how healthy, has areas where it could do better. This assessment program, built on solid biblical principles that include the distinctive mission and message of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, will be practical and useful in helping the church reach its optimum health and evangelistic potential.

The assessment is not designed to determine if a church is "good" or "bad;" rather, it is a tool to help the church be more effective in building on its strengths and improving in areas where it is weak. The principle that a healthy church will grow is true, but in order to be healthy, a church must be balanced and united.

The church assessment is one of the most helpful tools the church can use in maximizing its evangelistic potential while strengthening its overall health. It is the goal of the Assessment Module to provide practical and useful tools that can be used to strengthen what your church is currently doing to expand its impact in the community.