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What Is The Empowered Church?

Amazing Facts is delighted to offer the Empowered Church program. We are convinced that with the right commitment, resources, and training, every Bible believing church can greatly multiply its effectiveness in reaching souls for the kingdom of heaven.

“Well-organized work must be done in the church, that its members may understand how to impart the light to others and thus strengthen their own faith and increase their knowledge. As they impart that which they have received from God they will be confirmed in the faith. A working church is a living church” (Vol. 6, p. 431, 435).

Inspired by this counsel, Amazing Facts developed the Empowered Church program. It is a well laid-out plan, founded on solid biblical principles that build on the distinct mission and message of Revelation 14.


Moreover, Amazing Facts has drawn from its 40 years of evangelism experience, as well as utilizing a number of outstanding evangelistic resources developed by like-minded professionals. Our hope is that this program will help you and your church to be more effective in doing the work God has called you to do.

The Empowered Church Kit

The Empowered Church program is a well laid-out plan, built on solid, biblical principles and the council of the Spirit of Prophecy. This well laid-out program gives you proven methods that will guide your church step by step in building an effective evangelism cycle where evangelism is seen as an ongoing process and not just a one-time event.  It builds on what your church is already doing, providing practical ways of being more effective in the areas of revival, church health, evangelism, and discipleship.

Throughout this 12-month program, you will experience a strong emphasis on spiritual renewal in your church and the discipleship of all believers, especially new members. Not only is this program designed to acquaint souls with the fundamental teaching of the church, it will also encourage spiritual growth and a commitment to Jesus Christ in all your members.


There are five primary goals of the Empowered Church program:


1. Help the church establish an ongoing evangelism cycle.

2. Involve every department of the church in evangelism.

3. Encourage as many members as possible to be involved in soul-winning.

4. Ignite revival and spiritual renewal in the church.

5. Encourage the nurturing and discipleship of all believers.


This Empowered Church kit contains the following outstanding resources:


  • New Empowered Church evangelism manual.
  • Companion DVD’s that go along with the Empowered Church evangelism manual.
  • A 12 month evangelism calendar. 
  • The Empowered Church assessment and survey.  
  • Meeting agenda’s for the Outreach Leadership Team. DVD set
  • Church revival resources.
  • Evangelism pre-work calendar.
  • Suggested bridge events and community seminars.
  • Outreach and witnessing resources.
  • The SALT program (weekly community outreach program).
  • A new DVD outreach training seminar for the church.
  • Evangelism advertising information.
  • Work responsibilities for the evangelistic meetings.
  • Evangelistic countdown schedule.
  • Spiritual mentors program for new believers.
  • Discipleship and small group resources.
  • Commonly asked questions and answers.
  • Access to the Empowered Church website resources and downloads.



Click here to order your Empowered Church Kit

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