Overview of the Empowered Church Program
Success in evangelism demands a defi nite plan with clear links between each phase in the evangelism cycle. Among other benefi ts, this ensures that new believers don't “slip through the cracks,” but continue to grow to spiritual maturity. In order to be most effective, there also must be specifi c objectives for each phase; having measurable goals can be amazingly inspirational!

This Empowered Church Kit contains training materials, instructional DVDs, outreach tools, a church assessment, discipleship resources, and more—all of which will help the church establish an ongoing evangelism cycle with a strong emphasis on revival, training, and discipleship. The program enables church members to utilize their spiritual gifts and talents in a united and coordinated soul-winning effort.

It will take the church about 12 months to go through the cycle for the first time; after that, the church will be able to repeat the cycle every six months.

The Empowered Church program is based on five key modules:

Program Set-up Module
The Program Set-up module is divided into two parts. Part one needs to be accomplished by the church board, and part two by the Outreach Leadership Team. The first phase of this module can be accomplished during a regular church board meeting. However, it will take between 30 and 40 minutes to complete, so you might want to arrange an earlier start time to compensate the extra time needed. This one-time module will help the church board set up the Outreach Leadership Team that will guide the church through the various phases of the evangelism cycle.

Assessment Module
This module helps the church in evaluating its strengths and weaknesses. It assesses the church's evangelism readiness, visitor receptiveness, and ministry effectiveness.

Revival Module
This module focuses on the essential aspects of revival and contains sermon outlines, weekly church-wide handouts, prayer meeting outlines, bulletin inserts, and more. The module lasts a month and focuses the church's attention on vital aspects of spiritual growth. The goal is to lift the spirituality of the individual member, thus the entire spirituality of the church.

Evangelism Module
This module provides training and opportunities for church members to get involved in sharing their faith in preparation for an evangelistic series. It provides training in the areas of Bible study, reclaiming inactive members, and community outreach. It also contains valuable resources that will help the church conduct bridging events in the community, which will build interest for the evangelistic series and increase membership involvement in outreach. It also provides a wealth of information on how to hold an effective evangelistic series.

Discipleship Module
This module is the nurturing phase in the evangelism cycle. It includes training on how to establish new believers in Christ, build meaningful relationships within the church, and how to encourage new believers and every church member to share their faith effectively.